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Aktify takes your stalled leads
and converts them into opportunities.


Stop the Waste

According to Salesforce, the average B2B company converts only 13% of their leads to opportunities. Another study shows that the average cost per lead is $53. This means that for every 1,000 leads created, the average company will waste 87% of their budget or more than $46,000 in marketing spend. Annually, this represents over $550,000 in waste.

Understand What’s Really Going On

For the typical company, very little effort is put into understanding why leads don’t convert to opportunities. If you ask Marketing why the conversion rate is low, they’ll point to Sales saying they need to make more calls. If you ask Sales, they’ll point back to Marketing saying that the lead quality is low. The reality is that the truth is somewhere in the middle. Aktify finds out the truth and shows you what’s really going on.

Aktify Lead Pulse Dashboard
Get the truth about why your leads are stalling
Make better decisions with 3rd-party data
Receive real-time alerts when a lead expresses interest
Turn “dead” leads into opportunities
Hold your sales reps accountable
Hold your lead vendors accountable
Goodwill Opens Doors

Aktify uses custom branded Event Vouchers as a way of creating goodwill with your stalled leads. Each goodwill gesture opens a door for your brand.  The Law of Reciprocity states that when someone does something nice for you, you will have a deep-rooted psychological urge to do something nice in return.

Interested Leads are Sent Back to Your Team

Aktify representatives make contact with your stalled leads and engage them in a conversation. This positive interaction provides a perfect opportunity to send the lead back to your sales team. These leads then turn into opportunities and new business for your company.


The Aktify Pulse Report

The Aktify Pulse Report is a report generated at the end of each campaign. The Aktify team analyzes the campaign, highlights the major stalled reasons, gives recommendations for improvement, extracts qualitative insights, and quantifies the goodwill created from the campaign. The full data set is return to your team for deeper analysis.

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