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Auto repair shop finds out what their customers really think


Viking Automotive is a full service mechanic shop in Utah. They boast an impressive track record of Google reviews, which is the result of high-quality work and service.

“Aktify is a true expert in this realm.”

-Erik McHenry, Owner

The Problem

With stellar Google reviews, Viking Automotive had already proven itself as a trusted auto repair shop. But when they took a closer look at the numbers, they saw that the number of repair orders completed made up only half of the possible customers in the database. They saw an opportunity to find out why these customers had not returned.

The Plan

Viking Automotive used Aktify to achieve a better understanding of what customers really thought about their services. Here’s an overview of the plan:


Reach Out to Stalled Leads

Aktify used email, text messaging, and phone calls to find out how a person’s experience with Viking Automotive has been.


Offer Goodwill Experiences

Aktify offered an event ticket voucher in exchange for a response. This helped to increase the contact rate, and it was an opportunity for Viking Automotive to provide a simple gift for potential clients.


Identify Interested Leads

Aktify identified customers who needed immediate work done on their cars.


Make Recommendations

Aktify created a report that included stall reasons, qualitative insights, and recommendations for improving sales processes.

The Results

Using Aktify, Viking Automotive was able to identify 23 customers who wanted immediate work to be done. But perhaps even more valuable to the company was the data they received to improve sales and marketing processes.


Responses Received


Event Ticket Vouchers Delivered


Leads Revoved