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Landscape Architecture Business Revives 12% of Stalled Leads


Western Timber Frame provides custom landscape architecture kits for homeowners looking to add function and beauty to their outdoor spaces. The company engineers pergolas, arbors, gazebos, and other timber structures to the exact needs and specifications of each client for self-installation.

“Not only do we have better sales funnel insights, but with Aktify we’ve successfully revived 12% of the leads we previously thought were dead.”

-David Bunker, Assistant Sales & Marketing Director

The Problem

While the company had success generating business leads through channels like digital marketing, print advertising, and events, it struggled to engage with customers who entered the sales cycle and never progressed. The team invested in marketing and lead nurturing tools to overcome these challenges, but the programs didn’t produced the desired results. Additionally, automation and nurturing were a huge cost center.

The Plan

Western Timber Frame used Aktify to achieve a better understanding of why leads were not progressing through the sales cycle. They provided a list of over 3,000 leads for analysis. Here’s an overview of the plan:


Reach Out to Stalled Leads

Aktify used email, text messaging, and phone calls to find out how a person’s experience with Western Timber Frame has been.


Offer Goodwill Experiences

Aktify offered an event ticket voucher in exchange for a response. This helped to increase the contact rate, and it was an opportunity for Western Timber Frame to provide a simple gift for potential clients.


Identify Interested Leads

Aktify identified leads who were still interested in working with Western Timber Frame and returned them to to the sales cycle.


Make Recommendations

Aktify created a report that included stall reasons, qualitative insights, and recommendations for improving sales processes.

The Results

Using Aktify, Western Timber Frame was able to revive 12% of their initial list of stalled leads. But perhaps even more valuable to the company was the data they received to improve sales and marketing processes.


Responses Received


Event Ticket Vouchers Delivered


Leads Revivied