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B2B Company Revives Stalled Leads


WilsonPro manufactures cellular boosting technology for both the consumer and commercial markets. Its solutions ensure people are able to use their mobile devices in all parts of large or residential buildings.

“Aktify gives us better business insights and helps us to re-engage with our leads. Ultimately it’s about generating incremental revenue.”

-Rick Arnold, Director of Sales Operations

The Problem

WilsonPro wanted more visibility into the leads they were generating so that they could optimize lead flow all the way through the sales motion. They also wanted to track lead progress and have the ability to estimate how much each lead was worth.

The Plan

WilsonPro used a direct integration with Aktify to quickly check the pulse of leads that were stalled and to take action based on the responses they received.


Integrate With the CRM

A CRM workflow ran behind the scenes to automatically send stalled leads to Aktify in real time.


Train the Team

Sales and marketing worked together to make sure all the key players were aware that previously cold leads were returning to the sales flow. They developed a workflow to make sure these leads didn’t fall through the cracks.


Revive Stalled Leads

Still interested leads were immediately returned to the sales flow via the CRM integration. Sales reps received an alert each time a lead was revived.


Revise As Needed

The company worked closely with Aktify to revise workflows and edit parameters as needed.

The Results

Using Aktify, WilsonPro has been able to revive over 120 leads. In addition, they have increased their visibility into the lead generation process while identifying trends in the performance of their various lead generators.


Leads Contacted


Responses Received


Leads Revived