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Your data is in good hands.

Ensuring data compliance and security is our top priority.


Aktify is committed to adhering to and sustaining regulatory compliance and industry best practices for sales and marketing, especially as it relates to contacting individuals using email, text, and phone calls. We adhere closely to the rules given in the (FCA) False Claims Act, TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act), and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

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Aktify tracks DNC by campaign and applies it to all campaigns company-wide. In addition, we run our data against the national DNC database and our continually updated Litigator List.


In general, Aktify does not collect personal data; but is provided collections of opted-in data from our clients, to use in various data processing mechanisms within our Platform. We end all communication when the consumer opts out in any way.

Lead Data Cleansing

Aktify uses AI to detect hate speech, profanity, racial slurs, other offensive words, etc.

Lead Data Security

All lead data is stored on encrypted drives at rest. All data is transferred through SFTP or HTTPS.

Compliance Certification

Aktify has passed rigorous compliance checks with various partners, including Vivint Smart Home, Progrexion, and University of Phoenix.

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