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Get an AI-powered virtual agent to increase credit repair sales.

Convert more credit repair leads into phone calls with personalized, automated text conversations.




Generate interested, inbound
calls in the background.

Let your reps do what they’re best at: selling your credit repair services. Conversation AI by Aktify communicates with prospects, searching for immediate needs. Our automation follows up and gets them to call your agents.

Field calls from eager prospects.

Your reps will only receive a call transferred from Aktify when the prospect is truly interested in credit repair services. The Conversation AI won’t let uninterested callers through.

Let AI reach out and follow up.

Give your agents more time to close interested credit repair prospects. The Aktify AI holds a conversation over text messages with all your leads at once, until they call a live agent.

Automate call scheduling.

Your Aktify AI assistant will set up call and text schedules flawlessly, ensuring that prospects and reps receive calls and texts at the best times for their time zones, work hours, and more.

Re-activate stalled prospects.

Our system reaches out and brings stalled prospects back into your sales process. AI can get them interested again.

Send SMS answers and offers.

Automatically send texts explaining the advantages of working with you. Reassure prospects with your proven track record and professionalism.

Clean your data, improve conversion rates.

Your Aktify AI adds greater personalization to your lead data by finding patterns and cleaning out data entry mistakes. It also deletes racial insults and profanity. This all can increase sales rates by around 10%.



Generating more than $1.2 M in revenue in less than 3 months.


Sell credit repair with artificial intelligence.

Aktify’s AI continually learns how to be better at maintaining millions of separate text-based relationships. It follows up with leads, finds the ones with immediate needs, and hands over their live calls to your agents to close.

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