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Convert More with AI-powered Insurance SMS Messages.

Convert insurance prospects into customers with personalized, automated text conversations.




Automate insurance conversations to bring in more calls.

Is a prospect ready to buy insurance or just needing to chat? Keep your reps on their highest-value task: closing sales. Aktify Conversation AI will only let through pre-qualified leads for you to work with.

Let us pre-qualify callers.

Aktify automation will sift callers for the ones with true interest in your health insurance. Those who are not truly looking won’t waste your agents’ time.

Spend no time following up.

Insurance prospects have questions. Let Aktify’s AI insurance SMS messages answer them. When prospects really want to buy, the AI will let their call through.

Let us schedule calls.

We’ll set up call times, and you close the sales. Aktify automation adjusts for time zones, work hours, and more. Your texts and calls happen when convenient, both for your reps and prospects.

Resuscitate once-interested prospects

Insurance prospects need reminders sometimes. The Aktify system will bring previous leads back into your process.

Text key benefits and offers.

Let us converse with your prospects while fielding questions about your insurance benefits, different plans, and other information the prospect needs.

Clean your data for higher conversion rates.

Greater personalization improves conversion rates by around 10%. To this end, our system scrubs your data through advanced pattern recognition, along with deleting common punctuation mistakes, racial insults, and profanity.

Add AI to your insurance sales process.

Aktify allows our deep learning system to keep growing in its ability to maintain millions of separate text message dialogues. It can field prospects’ tough questions, note the buying signals, and send prospects to your reps when they’re ready to talk.

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