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Boost smart home security revenue with an AI virtual sales agent.

Aktify uses autonomous text messaging to convert smart home security leads into inbound phone calls.




Nurture home security leads.
Get more calls.
All automatically.

Give your representatives more time to focus on closing home security prospects. Our Conversation AI sifts for serious inquiries, follows up with prospects, and transfers them to your reps when they’re ready to buy—all automatically.

Take only interested calls.

Your Aktify AI sends live prospects when they are prepared to discuss buying a smart home system. Callers who are not pre-qualified don’t get through.

Follow up automatically.

Your home security prospects will receive personalized texts from your Aktify AI agent. This dialogue continues until the lead actually calls your live representatives.

Schedule and reschedule call times.

Let our system fill your schedule with calls. It will account for time zones and representatives’ schedules. It will set the best time slots for text messages and phone calls for all parties.

Bring old leads back into your funnel.

Some prospects forget to follow up or get too busy. Aktify AI re-ignites that interest and puts them back in the funnel.

Text product features to prospects.

Automated text messages answer the FAQs about home security systems, explaining around-the-clock monitoring, doorbell cameras, smart home controls, and so on.

Get cleaner data and higher conversion rates.

The Aktify system searches for patterns in your data to improve conversion rates by about 10%. We personalize your leads, along with cleaning up name punctuation, racial slurs, and profanity.


Turning Stalled Leads Into Inbound Calls


Machine learning applied to home security conversions.

Our deep learning technology can send millions of text messages every day, maintaining relationships with prospects. It finds the truly interested among your leads, follows up automatically, and routes you their phone calls.

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