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Aktify Conversation Artificial Intelligence (AI):

Chats like a human. Thinks like a robot.

Our SMS messaging platform is engineered with sophisticated AI. With modern machine learning technology, the platform:

  • Employs natural language processing to ensure a comfortable messaging experience for your prospects.
  • Handles any volume of leads you can throw at it.
  • Constantly learns and optimizes for best call times, messaging, etc.
  • Only connects inbound calls during your call center hours.

How it works.

Send your stalled leads to Aktify

via a CRM integration or CSV export.

Automatically contact, re-engage, and nurture

leads through Aktify’s text messaging (SMS) platform.

Receive inbound phone calls

from leads who are still interested in your product or service.

Case Study

Turning Stalled Leads Into Inbound Calls

Case Study

Turning Stalled Leads Into Inbound Calls

Staying in compliance.

Your data is in good hands. To stay in compliance with the latest regulations and guidelines, our platform constantly monitors and verifies consumer contact information.

Aktify has revived leads for:

Aktify has revived leads for:

Get value out of your stalled leads.

Activate old leads that are just sitting idle in your database.