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Get an AI-powered virtual agent to increase medical device sales.

Convert medical device prospects into phone calls with personalized, automated text conversations.




Receive more pre-qualified medical device calls with AI.

When prospects are truly interested in a medical device, Aktify Conversation AI will flag them and follow up with them automatically. When they’re ready to talk, your reps will receive calls from prospects interested in buying.

Pre-screen your interested callers.

Is a prospect truly ready to discuss buying your product or only kicking the tires? Let the Aktify system sort callers and send you the eager buyers.

Reach out through automation.

Prospects for your medical device will receive personalized texts to their phone from the Aktify AI. A conversation ensues until the prospect is pre-qualified for a voice call.

Maintain call and text schedules with AI.

The Aktify system will keep your call and text schedules for you, setting appointments correctly for different time zones, employee schedules, and more. It will even reschedule missed appointments.

Find the interested among prospects.

Some of your medical device prospects need a nudge to get back into a sales process. Our AI does that automatically.

Answer questions quickly by text message.

Let the Aktify system answer vital questions about your product bundles, car and home devices, and others, automatically explaining your top benefits.

Boost sales with clean and updated data.

Your Aktify AI will help personalize prospects by finding patterns in the data and cleaning lead information in many ways, such as correcting name punctuation errors and deleting racial slurs and bad language. This can lead to about a 10% higher conversion rate.

AI works alongside your medical device sales reps.

Aktify develops proprietary deep learning models to support millions of daily SMS conversations. Our technology identifies interested prospects, automates the follow-up, and delivers inbound phone calls.

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