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Get an AI-powered virtual agent to increase medical alert sales.

Convert medical alert device leads into phone calls with personalized, automated text conversations.




Nurture your medical alert leads and generate inbound calls.

Aktify Conversation AI identifies prospects with actual interest in a medical alert system. It automates the follow-up and transfers prospects when they’re ready to talk. Your reps remain free to focus on selling and closing.

Icon Inbound Call

Receive pre-qualified
inbound calls.

Aktify initiates a transfer only when a prospect is ready to talk about your medical alert products. Our system removes any leads who are no longer interested or looking.

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Automate outreach & follow-up activities.

When a medical alert lead responds, Aktify AI sends a personalized text message. Your virtual agent handles the text conversation until the lead is ready to jump on the phone.

Icon Scheduling Round

Schedule appointments. Reschedule missed calls.

Our scheduling system reconciles complex time requirements (timezones, call center hours, etc.). We ensure the correct delivery times (SMS and phone calls) for both your leads and your call center.

Icon Revive

Revive and return “dead” leads to your sales flow.

Aktify revives stalled medical alert leads. Our AI returns interested prospects back into your sales flow.

Icon Sms

Send product highlights over SMS.

Send text messages highlighting the benefits of your solutions. Answer questions about your home and car devices, product bundles, and more.

Icon Clean Data 4

Increase conversions with cleaner data.

Aktify improves lead personalization. Our process fixes incorrect name punctuation, removes profanity, and filters racially charged language. Lead data pattern matching and cleansing improves conversion rates upwards of 10%.


AI technology designed for medical alert sales conversations.

Aktify develops proprietary deep learning models to support millions of daily SMS conversations. Our technology identifies interested prospects, automates the follow-up, and delivers inbound phone calls.

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