Aktify Partners

Many of Aktify's top customers are referrals who came through our channel partner ecosystem. Our trusted partners use this sales channel to generate success for their clients and grow their businesses.

Channel Partners

Authorized Resellers

Resell Aktify to strengthen your solutions portfolio.

Master Agents

Offer patent-pending conversational AI technology for your clients.

Solution Providers

Implement Aktify into various solutions.

System Integrations

Help your clients integrate Aktify into their sales enablement workflow.

Referral Program

Refer your opportunities to Aktify.

Tech Partners

Artificial Intelligence

Leverage Aktify's conversational AI technology.

Customer Relationship Management

Integrate your CRM.

ISV Marketplace

Upgrade your technology and reach new markets.

Unified Communications

Combine your UC with Aktify.

Contact Center as a Service

Automated scheduling and lead qualification, and outreach.

Why our partners choose Aktify.

“Aktify turns call centers into profit centers.”

– Aktify Partner

Zero Tech Lift

No additional headcount or training required for your clients to get started with AI.

More Revenue

More appointments and revenue for your clients means more trust and revenue for you.

Intent-based Sales Conversations at Scale

Your clients enjoy automated scheduling and lead qualification over SMS.

Partner with Aktify.

Set your clients up for success and grow your business.