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Power residential solar leads with an AI virtual agent.

Convert residential solar leads into phone calls with personalized, automated text conversations.




Lead interested prospects to more inbound calls.

Which homeowners really want your solar energy solutions, and which will waste your time? Let our Conversation AI sort them for you, follow up with the real prospects, and transfer them to your reps to close them.

Handle the interested callers.

The Aktify Conversation AI only sends leads to your agents when they’ve said the right things to show they really want residential solar solutions. Other callers are not sent to the next step.

Let AI perform follow-ups.

Residential solar can be a large purchase, so the Aktify AI will hold a text conversation with leads while they make up their mind. You’ll get the voice call when they’re ready.

Set appointment times and missed appointments.

You get an automated call and text scheduling system, which sets appointments around your reps’ hours and coordinates with different time zones. Texts and phone calls will always be at the best times for all.

Reignite interest within old leads.

Did some solar leads forget you? Your Aktify AI will find the truly interested ones and continue the conversation.

Text top features of your system.

As prospects ask questions, your Aktify AI will automatically send answer texts, showing off your top benefits, including your installation process, best designs, and much more.

Upgrade your data for more sales.

Cleaner and more personalized data, achieved with our pattern detection and data cleaning system, can lead to about a 10% higher conversion rate. The Aktify system even removes problems like profanity, punctuation mistakes, and racial slurs.

AI prospecting for residential solar customers.

At Aktify, we design artificial learning systems that can send millions of automated text messages per day. Our AIs pick out true residential solar prospects, answer their questions, and lead them into live phone conversations with your reps.

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