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Retarget your Social Security Disability Leads with an AI-powered virtual sales agent.

Convert Social Security Disability insurance prospects into phone calls with personalized, automated text conversations.




Get Social Security Disability lead calls from AI-assisted prospecting.

Your reps do important work—with prospects who really need your SSDI advocacy. Let Aktify Conversation AI dialogue with them first, follow up with truly interested disability leads, and send them to your agents for phone closing.

Answer the interested calls.

Aktify pre-qualifies callers with questions and answers about SSDI services. When prospects signal they’re interested in buying, you’ll get the live call.

Converse with leads through AI.

Your Aktify AI holds a text message conversation with each Social Security Disability insurance claimant for you. It fields their questions until they’re prepared to be closed on a live phone call.

Fill your calendar automatically.

Aktify automation schedules calls and texts, along with rescheduling missed appointments. Appointments are coordinated across different time zones and other requirements, both for text messages and voice calls.

Nudge stalled prospects for SSDI advocacy.

When Social Security Disability leads drop off, Aktify automatically checks in with them and helps your best prospects move forward.

Text your top benefits and offers.

Your Aktify AI will text answers to prospects’ questions on the way you advocate for them, your process, and so on. SMS messages will present the top benefits of your SSDI services.

Clean prospect data to convert more.

Greater lead personalization can lead to about a 10% conversion rate increase. That’s why the Aktify system matches patterns in your data and scrubs out punctuation mistakes and profane and racially charged words.



Adding more than 250 new clients in less than 3 months.


AI to support Social Security Disability advocacy.

At Aktify, we designed our machine learning technology to interact with your prospects while they’re “still thinking about it.” Our AI can text with millions of social security disability leads at once, answer their FAQs, and send their live phone calls through when they’re ready for your help.

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