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How Home Service Companies can Convert more Customers and Keep Them

Aktify and Best Company team up to discuss the home services sales pipeline. Converting customers can be hard – keeping them can be harder. This webinar runs through tips and tactics on how to improve both conversion and retention. 

There’s more volume out there – how do you capture it?

The home services industry has an enormous opportunity, as the majority of the population can fall into your target market. Two questions continue to surface as both problems and opportunities:

  • How do we acquire more customers?
  • How do we keep those customers?

We see these questions as opportunities and in this webinar, we’ll cover how to get additional revenue through your business by making small tweaks in how you work with your customers. We’ll cover the following:

  • Effective communication channels
  • Ways to improve your conversion rate
  • Receiving customer feedback
  • Promoting your business through reviews