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Decreasing Lead Response Time with Real-time SMS Outreach Campaigns

Luke Olson, Senior Account Executive at Aktify, discusses the sub-5 minute outreach strategy. Lead response time has become a focus of the majority of B2C companies and if you want to understand what is happening in the industry and how to keep up, this is for you.

Lead response time (LRT) is a major factor in how many leads convert into meetings and closed deals. Every company is trying to win the race to the fastest LRT. Although speed is hugely important, the desired outcome is not just about speed…it’s speed combined with the right communication channel

If you’ve been curious about how to set up or improve real-time SMS campaigns, this webinar is for you. We’ll cover the pros and cons of reaching out real-time, how to get it set up and the ins and outs of AKTIFY’s API integration.