How Aktify delivered 24,490 warm call transfers to Vivint, a multi-billion dollar home security company, just last year.

Learn how one of the largest home security companies in the US turns its lead lists into warm, inbound phone calls.



Top 5 Home Security Company by Revenue in the US

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Enterprise (>10,000 employees)

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Since April 2019

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Home Security and Smart Home Sales

2023 Results

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6m 56s
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Key Takeaways
  1. AI allows for persistent follow-up to nurture leads as long as they show interest and can do so at scale and very profitably. It would not be financially prudent for a human to spend this long cultivating a lead. Most often it would be a money-losing endeavor.

  2. Aktify’s AI agents have amazing human-like conversations with perfect follow-up.
After one month of several interactions, lead still believed he was interacting with a human… and thanked the AI after purchase.


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1 deal sold

How Aktify automates sales and marketing outreach with AI-powered texting and calling.

Huge Revenue from “Dead Leads”

Vivint, like so many companies, had thousands of leads they had tried to contact with no success. They figured the leads were “dead”, meaning they must not be interested. However, Aktify was able to contact these leads and have quality conversations at scale to 1) answer the leads’ questions to “warm” them up to buying, and 2) find a time for the lead to get on the phone with a Vivint sales representative. 


Aktify transfers thousands of live calls to Vivint’s call center every single month, and Vivint closes hundreds of new sales from those transfers. Hundreds of new monthly sales equates to big revenue for Vivint.

Let Sales Reps Sell

Vivint hires sales reps to sell, so they leave the sales outreach to Aktify’s AI agents to allow their sales reps to focus on what they do best—sell. Aktify’s AI agents outreach to the Vivint’s leads via SMS and have quality conversations with the leads, answering basic questions about Vivint’s home security systems with the call-to-action to get them on the phone with a Vivint sales rep to answer more complex questions and finalize the sale. When the sales reps receive the inbound phone calls, they just know that the person on the phone is interested enough to get on a call and can close them accordingly.

Get Leads on the Phone

Once a lead agrees to a phone call, the AI calls them immediately, and once they answer, it transfers them to the Vivint’s call center (assuming this happens during Vivint’s call center hours). If the call center is closed or if the lead prefers to schedule a phone call for a time in the future, the AI schedules a time and makes that call when that time comes—even if it is days or

weeks later. The AI doesn’t forget. And it sends a reminder text 5 minutes prior to the scheduled call (all of this is customizable when the campaign is created).


Aktify’s AI agents add a lot of value through lead qualification since leads that are no longer interested will either express that they are no longer interested or they will DNC, both of which provide value to Vivint knowing not to waste more time with those leads. The AI agents, through quality conversations, find those that are interested and then drive the conversations to a phone call, answering questions along the way.

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*limited to the first 50 companies to claim offer

You only pay for calls you receive!
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*limited to the first 50 companies to claim offer

You only pay for calls you receive!

Save Money

SDRs are expensive. Inside Sales (formerly Xant) produced a research report where they estimated that the annual cost of one SDR is nearly $112,000 due to recruiting, hiring, training, salaries, and high turnover. Vivint has been able to reduce the number of SDRs they’ve had to hire because the AI performs the work of several SDRs.

Better-Than-Human Conversations

We know that it’s a bold statement to say that Aktify’s AI agents have better-than-human conversations. However, it is true in very meaningful ways. These AI agents are always patient, always professional, and are always perfectly punctual for scheduled calls. They also can have thousands of quality conversations at the same time. Oh, and they can follow up for as long as the leads shows any interest, which is often longer than would be financially prudent for a human to do. Vivint has received the financial benefit from using Aktify’s AI agents, and they know their brand reputation is protected because the conversations are so high quality.

Navigate the Ever-Increasing Complexity of SMS and Call Compliance

Vivint understands that the compliance landscape with SMS and call outreach is complex and getting more complex by the day. They trust Aktify because we have been doing AI outreach since 2018, before AI was even cool. Aktify has great relationships with the CPaaS providers (Communications Platform as a Service) and cell phone carriers, and we know that we must stay on top of the latest laws and regulations affecting our industry. Aktify also takes care of registering all Vivint campaigns with The Campaign Registry, which registration ensures higher SMS and call deliverability. Vivint has achieved SMS deliverability rates above 98% over the lifetime of their partnership with Aktify.

Easy Setup and Almost No Integration

The setup and integration to launch a campaign is very quick and simple. On an onboarding call, Aktify’s team got some basic information from Vivint including call center hours, desired outreach cadences, and all information needed to register the campaigns with The Campaign Registry. Aktify also has a dedicated Natural Language Understanding (NLU) team, with trained linguists, that helps craft initial outreach messages. They worked directly with Vivint to create messages that match the their culture and desired tone. 


As for integration, Vivint is able to launch their campaigns by just providing Aktify with inbound and outbound DID numbers where Aktify transfers the calls. Vivint chooses to integrate via a very simple API to send lead data, but another option is to simply upload leads via an SFTP transfer.
The total time to launch a campaign is typically between 1-2 weeks, from onboarding call to launch.

Continually Tuning the AI Agents

Vivint has continued to see improving results as time has gone on because Aktify’s NLU and engineering teams are continually finding ways to improve the AI agents. The NLU team can launch campaigns quickly because the AI agents have deep conversation experience in about 20 different industries and sub-industries, including home security. So, the AI has amazing conversations out of the gate using industry-specific vernacular as well as using company-specific wording learned from Vivint during the onboarding process. And very importantly, as the NLU team monitors conversations, they continue to tune the AI agents to better understand certain phrases, which typically increases call transfer rates.

conversational ai programming

How does it work?

You send Aktify leads via API or upload.
Leads receive SMS messages.
AI agent has fully automated conversation with lead.
AI agent calls or schedules time for a call with lead.
Your call center receives live inbound phone transfer.

No Integration Necessary

Simply provide Aktify with inbound and outbound DID phone numbers

Very Quick to Start

1-2 weeks to customize an AI agent for your use case, write initial scripts, and register campaigns with The Campaign Registry

Integration With Simple Code

CRM integration available if you want to track lead status (optional)

Do you have leads you’d like to turn into warm, inbound calls?


You only pay for calls you receive!

*limited to the first 50 companies to claim offer