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AI lead engagement and scheduling.

Aktify uses AI-powered SMS to engage leads, answer their questions, and schedule a call. When a lead is ready to talk, the AI arranges a live transfer to your sales rep for closing the sale. If a lead responds outside call center hours, the AI schedules a call during working hours.

How it works.

Lead Submission

Submit leads through a secure API or manual upload, ensuring a seamless and secure integration into the system.

SMS Outreach

The leads receive personalized SMS messages, initiating the engagement process and establishing the first line of communication.

Automated AI Conversation

An AI agent conducts a fully automated conversation with the lead, intelligently responding to queries and maintaining engagement.

Call Scheduling

The AI agent either directly calls the lead or schedules a suitable time for a call, based on the lead's availability and preference.

Live Transfer to Call Center

Upon successful engagement, your call center receives a live inbound phone transfer, connecting the lead directly with your sales team for closing.

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Easy setup and customization.

Lead Integration and Setup

There's no complex integration needed. Simply provide Aktify with your inbound and outbound DID phone numbers for a quick start.

AI Agent Customization and Scripting

In just days, we customize an AI agent for your specific use case, create initial communication scripts, and register campaigns with The Campaign Registry.

Optional CRM Integration

If you wish to track the status of each lead, a CRM integration is available.


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