AI that works like an SDR.

Automate sales outreach using AI texting and calling.

By the way, we GUARANTEE increased revenue.

a phone displays a text message with a conversational AI agent
fortune 200 insurance company


warm call transfers in 2023
Multi-billion $ home security company


warm call transfers in 2023

“Can we trust a Sales Rep? Not all the time. Can we trust Aktify? All day long!”

Chad N.

“The software exceeds expectations, and the leadership team's dedication to understanding our needs is commendable. All my referrals have been grateful for the recommendation.”

Christopher V.
Cambridge Credit Counselling

Less busywork. More closing.

Aktify takes care of the mundane tasks associated with following up with leads, allowing sales agents to focus their attention on closing deals.

One AI agent.
Thousands of conversations.
At the same time.

Better Communication Channel

Communicate the way people do today—through text message. No “Spam Likely”, no voicemails, only messages that will undoubtedly be seen.

Improved Efficiency

Reps spend half of their time leaving voicemails and emailing multiple times for a response. Aktify frees up time, allowing sales agents to focus on higher priorities.

Higher Close Rate

No lead will age or fall between the cracks. Aktify AI follows up consistently until they express an interest or disinterest. Inevitably, a higher close rate follows.

Speed to lead.

Aktify automates speed-to-lead, identifies your most interested customers, and connects them directly with your sales team.
customer receiving a quick text

Seamless scheduling.

Our scheduling system reconciles complex time requirements (timezones, call center hours, etc.). We ensure the correct delivery times (SMS and phone calls) for both the prospect and your reps.

Ready to unlock new revenue?

Maximize lead conversion with Aktify's efficient, AI-powered engagement.