Powering conversations better than humanly possible.

Data-Driven Customer Engagement

Aktify uses robust data science and machine learning to delight customers with thoughtful, productive conversations. Aktify’s solutions are invisible, integrating with CRMs and marketing automation platforms—we deliver phone calls and closed deals along with a 10x ROI to our clients.

Advanced conversational AI for sales teams.

Aktify is building a world-class AI platform. Our corporate clients use this technology to drive marketing and sales results. The AI uses NLP / NLU and deep learning to deliver natural, human conversations. It delights consumers via SMS, instant messaging, email, and web apps. But our platform goes beyond just AI. Our technology blends research, data science, and machine learning hardware to power conversations better than humanly possible.
sales team collaborating
ai represented by a brain image inside a server warehouse

Turning science into revenue.

Our expert researchers and engineers developed an advanced AI platform to effectively replicate human sales representatives.


Our scheduling system reconciles complex time requirements (timezones, call center hours, etc.). We ensure the correct delivery times (SMS and phone calls) for both the prospect and the agent.

Natural Language Processing

Aktify is a pioneer of sales conversation AI. Our proprietary deep research and NLP systems absorb context, colloquial styles, and intents. The AI responds with natural language and adapts to sales conversations over SMS.

Telephony and SMS

Aktify’s built-in telecommunication system mitigates phone carrier violations and detects hangups. It handles a steady volume of warm transfers and captures KPI metrics such as call duration.

Data Management

Our platform verifies consumer contact and personalizes the data. We stay in compliance with the latest regulations and guidelines. And Aktify defends your brand. Our system fixes incorrect name punctuation, removes profanity, and filters racially charged language.


What our customers are saying.

How Aktify handed a Fortune 200 company 20,440 warm call transfers just last year.

Learn how one of the largest insurance companies in the US turns its lead list into warm, inbound phone calls.

Join us at the forefront of conversational AI.

We are looking for individuals who possess the skills and experience to drive conversational AI into the future. So if you have the know-how, passion, and humility to improve every day, we'd love to hear from you.