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About Us

We believe in connecting brands with consumers through meaningful experiences.

Our Belief

If you can delight your clients, you’re bound to have a successful business.

Founded in 2017, Aktify started a prospect activation platform to help businesses use goodwill gestures (such as free event tickets) to revive potential customers who were stalled in the sales pipeline. Now our products include sophisticated AI technology to automatically activate conversations through interest-targeted, experiential gestures.

Our platform has evolved, but our core beliefs remain constant:

Invest in your customer
Know your customer’s interests
Build loyalty with thoughtful, well-timed gestures
Show them that you will do the research to earn their business
What We Do

We help sales teams make more connections.

Sales teams typically close 12–50% of prospects they speak with. Yet 87% of interested prospects fall through the cracks because of communication inefficiencies. Closing more deals is a connection problem, not a sales problem. Aktify’s automated prospect outreach platform lets sales team focus more time on the phones closing deals and less time trying to get a hold of contacts.

Aktify Response Rate

The result of providing something of interest to prospects.

Aktify has revived leads for:

Aktify has revived leads for:

Aktify is the leading platform for reviving stalled prospects.