A phone displays an sms conversation between a user and an AI agent discussing when to get on a phone call.

Convert your customers through Conversational AI.

Use a conversational AI agent to have thousands of SMS conversations with your sales prospects at the same time. Aktify AI agents have had 4.7M conversations and driven $60M in net new revenue.

One AI agent.
Thousands of conversations.
At the same time.

Dots on a world map highlight multiple conversations happening at the same time

Top sales teams use Aktify to drive revenue.

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Average Estimated Revenue Generated Per Client Per Year


Average Customer ROI on Aktify's Platform

Better Communication Channel

Communicate the way people do today—through text message. No “Spam Likely”, no voicemails, only messages that will undoubtedly be seen.

Improved Efficiency

Reps spend half of their time leaving voicemails and emailing multiple times for a response. Aktify frees up time, allowing sales agents to focus on higher priorities.

Higher Close Rate

No lead will age or fall between the cracks. Aktify AI follows up consistently until they express an interest or disinterest. Inevitably, a higher close rate follows.

Conversational AI Over SMS

Speed to Lead

Aktify automates speed-to-lead, identifies your most interested customers, and connects them directly with your sales team.

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Compliance & Security

Your data is safe and secure.

Ensuring data compliance and security is our top priority.

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“Aktify consistently generates economical customer acquisitions for Vivint.”

Zac Bitsoi

Senior Affiliate Program Manager

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