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Drive higher conversions in education with an AI-powered virtual sales agent.

Convert once-interested people with personalized, automated text conversations.




Serve your prospects better.
Convert more to pre-qualified calls through AI automation.

The advanced Conversation AI developed by Aktify pre-qualifies prospects who are interested in your organization. It reminds them of their need, then routes their call to your reps, who can close a truly interested prospect.

Only talk to interested callers.

When the Aktify system detects that prospects are truly interested in enrollment, they are transferred to a live agent. Time wasters are kept away.

Hand follow-ups to artificial intelligence.

The Aktify AI will send personalized SMS texts to prospects, answering questions and giving information. It will continue until a prospect is serious about a live phone call.

Don’t worry about coordinating schedules.

Our system will put your appointments on the calendar and reschedule missed ones—and handle issues like different time zones and work schedules. Prospective students will get calls and texts at the best times for them.

Wake up dormant education prospects.

Our system finds prospective students who are ready to enter your sales funnel.

Text benefits and offers to leads.

Aktify will text prospects the advantages of attending your institution, answering questions on tuition, majors, enrollment, and much more.

Improve data to improve conversion rates.

Prospective students love personalized text messages but don’t like obvious mistakes. Our AI will clean your data, taking out bad punctuation, profanity, and other errors and problems. Coupled with pattern detection, this can raise conversion rates by about 10%.

More enrollments with conversational AI.

Your enrollment specialists can now partner with AI that is designed to keep learning. The Aktify system can maintain millions of separate SMS interactions with your higher ed prospects, finding the most interested ones and sending their voice calls to you.

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