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We believe in a science-first approach to product development.

Aktify is an elite team of research scientists and engineers. Our scalable AI platform is built on Kubernetes microservices and leverages state of the art deep transfer learning pre-trained on terabytes of natural language data. We combine research and engineering expertise to effectively simulate human sales reps through AI.

Virtual Agents

Aktify AI scales to simulate millions of human sales representatives. Your dedicated virtual agent grows more intelligent with each lead it interacts with. It contacts and nurtures your leads until they’re ready to convert.

Natural Language Processing

Aktify is a pioneer of sales conversation AI. Our proprietary deep research and NLP systems absorb context, colloquial styles, and intents. The AI responds with natural language and adapts to sales conversations over SMS.

Lead Data Management

Our platform verifies consumer contact and personalizes the data. We stay in compliance with the latest regulations and guidelines. And Aktify defends your brand. Our system fixes incorrect name punctuation, removes profanity, and filters racially charged language.

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Telephony and SMS

Aktify’s built-in telecommunication system mitigates phone carrier violations and detects hangups. It handles a steady volume of warm transfers and captures KPI metrics such as call duration.


Our scheduling system reconciles complex time requirements (timezones, call center hours, etc.). We ensure the correct delivery times (SMS and phone calls) for both your leads and your call center.

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