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Activate more sales with AI-powered SMS Solutions for Small Businesses.

Convert your leads into phone calls with personalized, automated text messaging for small business conversations.




Nurture your small business service leads for pre-qualified inbound calls.

Our automated SMS marketing uses Conversation AI to separate the suspects from the prospects. It finds those likely to buy small business services, follows up with them, and then transfers those solid prospects to your mainline. Your representatives then close a pre-qualified lead.

Receive warm leads only.

Your agents will pick up a live call when a prospect is pre-qualified for your small business services and very interested. The automation will reject prospects without enough interest.

Maintain the relationship automatically.

The Aktify system will continue to follow up with prospects through text messages, explaining the benefits of working with you, your business practices, tech, and answering FAQs.

Handle schedules through AI.

Your reps have service calls to close, so our AI maintains schedules, accounting for call center work hours and lead time zones. Your calls and text messages will always be delivered at the right times, and missed calls will be rescheduled promptly.

Bring cold leads back to warm prospect status.

When small business prospects get stuck in place, our AI reminds them of their interest and needs so you can close them.

Text answers and benefits to leads.

Save time as the Aktify AI SMS software for small businesses answers prospects’ questions through text messages. Share the top benefits of your small business services automatically.

Scrub data for higher conversion rates.

We’ll clean up your lead data to improve personalization and increase conversion rates by approximately 10%. Our process finds patterns in the data, catches punctuation mistakes, and deletes racially charged phrases and profanity.

Machine learning SMS solutions for small businesses.

Aktify’s artificial neural networks continually improve at sending millions of text messages to our clients’ prospects. It finds the ones with true interest in small business services, answers their questions, and connects them when they’re ready with live agents.

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