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We solve the sales connection problem.

Our system helps sales teams connect more with interested prospects. We utilize deep learning, natural language processing, and advanced AI models to nurture leads via SMS. When prospects are ready to talk, we transfer them to your reps via inbound calls.

Engage once-interested prospects.

Aktify reaches out to the contacts in your database and returns interested prospects back into your sales flow.

Conduct automated outreach and persistent follow up.

When a contact responds to a text message, Aktify AI makes adaptive responses and decisions. The system schedules calls, sends timely follow up messages, and removes uninterested contacts from the campaign. No input from your team is required.

Nurture prospects in the background.

Aktify is completely hands-off. Our system initiates a transfer only when a prospect is ready to talk on the phone. Your reps are free to focus on selling and closing.

Increase pre-qualified inbound calls to your sales team.

Aktify nurtures interested prospects with automated follow-up messages. The AI handles scheduling and transfers only high-intent prospects to your sales team.

Boost conversion rates with cleaner data.

Our system enhances personalization. It fixes incorrect name punctuation, removes profanity, and filters racially charged language. Data pattern matching and cleansing improve conversion rates upwards of 10%.

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