12 Facebook Lead Generation Techniques to Try

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12 Facebook Lead Generation Techniques to Try

Whether you’ve been in business for one year or many years, you’ve likely heard of social media marketing, namely Facebook marketing. You may have grown up knowing the ins and out of Facebook or you’re a business veteran that has resisted the use of Facebook for awhile and are just realizing the powerful marketing and sales tool it can be. Facebook has the power to help you generate qualified leads that meet your sales qualifications when used correctly. If you’re hesitant about the quality of leads from Facebook, not meeting the standards of your lead qualification checklist, here are some Facebook lead generation tactics to try for yourself.

Facebook is a social media platform where your customers and potential customers regularly “hang out” online. You want to reach them with your brand’s messaging, products and services so that your company will be at the forefront of their minds when it comes time to make a purchase. This principle is easier said and done. Your customers on Facebook go there to socialize, catch up with friends and family and see what is going on in others’ lives. They don’t want to be blasted with companies selling them products and services. As a business, your Facebook posts should establish a personal conversation that also compels people to convert and do a desired action.

Facebook Page Content

To keep your page looking fresh, professional, authoritative and interesting, make sure your business Facebook page is filled out completely with a regularly changing mix of content including text posts with links, picture posts and video posts.

1) Pin Lead Generation Offer Posts to the Top of Your News Feed

A post that you pin to the top of your news feed will be highlighted above the other posts on your feed by remaining at the top of your feed for up to seven days. After the seven days, it will be pushed down into your news feed on the date it was first published. Any kind of posts, including those with live video can be pinned. A pinned post is identified by a blue and white push pin icon located on the top right of the post.

2) Include Links to Landing Page Offers in Facebook

Instead of writing a novel with all the details of your current offer or promotion, write a short teaser to capture the reader’s attention with a link to a specially designed landing page on your website.

Be sure the messaging clearly communicates where the viewer will be sent by using phrases such as “download your cheat sheet” or “Get your coupon.” In addition to interesting, attention-grabbing content, include an equally compelling, eye-grabbing image with the post. For this, you may want to forgo the stock photo and use your own image or create an image yourself. When using your own custom image, make sure the size is the right dimensions for Facebook to pull it in and add the proper open graph tags on your website.

3) Feature Your Most Popular Blog Posts

There is nothing wrong with recycling old blog post content and featuring it on your business Facebook page, especially if those blog posts have, and continue to generate many leads and engagement.

With these powerful blog posts, be sure they feature a CTA high up in the content, such as near the introduction. The CTA should be a solution to a problem or something the readers will want to learn more about. Also consider using the CTA in the anchor text.

4) Use Landing Page Links in Image Captions

Posts with images see significantly more engagement than text-only posts. When you use images in your posts, as well as in your profile picture and cover photos, include links to landing pages on your website within their descriptions. These links are great ways for people to learn more about your company and be more likely to do business with you. With these links, use a shortener, such as bitly to make them look better and use Facebook UTM tracking codes to see how effective or ineffective these links are.

5) Utilize Videos

Of the three types of Facebook content posts, video posts garner the most attention and interaction. In fact, Facebook’s algorithm favors the use of video. Facebook videos are great opportunities for you to share special offers and new blog posts, upcoming events, webinars and courses, to introduce your business and share news about your business.

At the beginning and end of your video, verbally communicate the desired CTA as well as include the CTA in the video description.

Facebook Live videos are an excellent alternative to the time-consuming, professional marketing videos. These videos let anyone to record and broadcast live videos with their smartphone and automatically upload them to the user’s Facebook news feed. These videos are rawer and more spontaneous compared to traditional videos which can capture more interest and views from curious viewers. The raw element of the Facebook Live videos also gives your business a personality and personal look viewers are more comfortable engaging with.

These videos are great for Q&As, providing updates from a conference or informing viewers of special offers. As viewers can “join in” on the video after it’s already started, it’s a good idea to repeat the CTA multiple times in the video.

6) Include a CTA Button to your Facebook Page

Facebook now allows businesses to place a CTA button to the top of their business Facebook page. There are seven pre-made button options available which include: “Shop Now,” “Sign Up,” “Book Now,” “Contact Us,” “Use App,” “Watch Video,” and “Play Game.” Select the one that fits your marketing objectives and link it to a page on your business website. Your selected button will appear below your cover photo, to the right.

It’s a good idea to change this button up every once and a while, linking it to a different page to your website.

7) Utilize Facebook Custom Tabs

The tabs of your Facebook business page act as menu items. While the About, Photos and Events tabs are automatically made and implemented, additional, custom tabs can be added, such as contests, offers, and lead generation forms.

Other Facebook Marketing Tactics

Once your Facebook page is optimized, there are some other marketing tactics you can utilize including advertising, contests and events.

8) Utilize Facebook Advertising

Facebook adverting allows you to collect qualified leads from highly focused audience groups at a low price that won’t blow your marketing budget. Facebook advertising lets you select your daily advertising budget and advertising campaign duration. In addition, you can also drill down to as specific a targeted audience as you want, with a host of targeting options ranging from age and location to interests and hobbies.

Facebook ads are sophisticated, easy to use, cost-effective and allows potential customers to connect with your company without needing to leave Facebook. If you use Facebook advertising for lead generation, Facebook will automatically fill in a user’s information into the lead form, meaning more convenience for the user and an easier sign-up process on mobile devices.

These ads have templates designed for a variety of goals from signing up for a newsletter to visiting a page on a website to make a purchase. Simply choose the goal you want to accomplish and fill in the template with content and an image, target your audience and then set a bid for the ad based on your marketing budget. Once the ad is live, you can use the built-in analytics to measure the campaign’s progress.

There are three types of Facebook formats available for ads:

  1. Boosted Post: A boosted post is a normal Facebook post that an admin “boosts” to show to a larger number of viewers and audiences you can target a head of time.
  2. Side Bar Ads: These ads appear on the right-hand column of a user’s Facebook news feed. There are more advanced testing options with these types of ads. Side bar ads also have lower click and conversion costs.
  3. News Feed Ads: These ads appear right in a user’s news feed and includes an optional CTA button. These ads, however, don’t get published on your business page news feed. News feed ads are more expensive than side bar ads, but have shown to have more engagement.

9) Run a Contest or Giveaway

People love free or heavily discounted items and what better way to get interest and engagement for the chance to win free stuff than a contest or giveaway. Contests and giveaways are great ways to boost traffic to your website and for generating leads.

An effective contest or giveaway on Facebook has interesting, valuable content, a captivated image and a link to the contest landing page on your website that features a form the visitor then fills out. Just like that you have a lead’s contact information.

10) Turn a Webinar Into a Facebook Event

Webinars are a great way to make your company look professional and credible. Facebook events are more prominent than normal posts on a user’s Facebook news feed, attracting more attention. Events encourage people to register on a separate landing page on your website where their information can be gathered. Events can also be promoted and monitored. If your company does multiple, regular webinars, these events can be included in a customized page tab labeled events.

Other Marketing Tactics

11) Do Social Listening

Staying abreast of what is happening in your industry, who’s talking about your company and your competitors on Facebook can give you valuable insight as to what content and script to use in your posts in order to reach out to potential customers. Facebook, along with other social media channels have search features whereby you can find people and conversations you otherwise would not have noticed. Chiming in on these discovered conversations about a solution you offer can establish a valuable business connection.

12) Do Social Selling

Facebook is a power social media platform for building relationships with potential customers and building stronger ones with current customers. This relationship-building is central to social selling. Social selling relationships are built by engaging in social listening, sales practices and lead generation. Facebook is an excellent platform on which to effectively do all three of these social selling elements to build valuable relationships.

Facebook is a powerful lead generation tool that you can include in your sales lead qualification process. From customizing your business page to formatting your promotions to narrowly targeting your audience, this social media platform proves to be something no sales and marketing team is to be without.

The biggest reason Facebook is a great lead generation tool is that it’s a place for relationship building to happen. People who have a close, trusting relationship with a company and who feels that the company cares about them as an individual will most likely do business with that company. Just like Facebook, Aktify helps generate leads that may have become dead or somehow gotten out of your sales funnel through reestablishing connections with those lost leads. We bring your company back to the forefront of dead leads through reaching out to them via phone call and text message. Getting those dead leads back and making them into customers provides great value to your company. Our sales qualification services company would be pleased to help you reach and build relationships with lost or unknown leads. Contact us today to learn more about us and our available products and services.

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