Aktify Helps Marketers Revive Stalled Leads

Aktify Helps Marketers Revive Stalled Leads

Platform Helps Businesses Discover Stall Reasons, Revive Leads That are Still Interested


Aktify, a lead activation platform, is launching a free trial of its Revive program for sales and marketing leaders. Aktify helps businesses find out why cold leads never became opportunities, while identifying still-interested leads.

The Aktify Revive program is designed to eliminate lead gen waste and identify stall points where businesses can optimize marketing or sales. As part of the free trial, marketers provide a list of stalled leads, while Aktify connects with the contacts through email, text messages, and phone calls—independently of a brand’s own call center.

“87% of B2B leads are wasted,” explained Kreg Peeler CEO and Founder of Aktify. “That represents a lot of wasted marketing dollars. Typically, businesses expect marketing automation and nurturing programs to stop the leakage in the sales funnel. With Aktify, sales and marketing leaders can see exact reasons why leads aren’t progressing to opportunities.”

Aktify utilizes goodwill marketing to re-engage stalled contacts. It offers event ticket vouchers in exchange for a response via email, text, or phone call. Jessie Warner, Aktify President, commented, “Providing the gift of an experience doesn’t just open doors, it creates an additional positive touchpoint for your brand.”

Aktify’s clients are thrilled with the results. “Not only do we have better sales funnel insights, but with Aktify we’ve successfully revived 12% of the leads we previously thought were dead,” said Western Timber Frames’ Assistant Sales & Marketing Director, Steven Bunker.

Aktify was founded in 2017 to connect brands with customers through quality experiences. CEO Kreg Peeler, previously founded SpinGo, an event marketing and management platform, which powers thousands of events each month and is backed by EPIC Ventures and Prelude.

The Aktify free trial is open today and is available at aktify.com

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