How Sales Funnel Tools Can Increase Lead Generation

How Sales Funnel Tools Can Increase Lead Generation

Being the best sales team requires having the best tools. While sales tools do not replace a company’s sales team, they do help maximize opportunities. Many of these opportunities come through lead generation. From organizing data to helping with customer relationship management (CRM), a sales funnel is created, converting leads into sales. Here is how the right tool can help improve your lead generation. There are two main ways this is done; contacting your contacts and freeing up your sales team.

Contact the Contacts

Every salesperson knows that contacts can stall after a few attempts at making contact. Maybe the person showed interest at first, but then they were too busy to meet with a member of your team or someone internally dropped the ball. Either way, when communication is inefficient or just stops, prospects who were once interested in your product fall through the cracks. These stalled prospects can still become customers with the right help.

This is where a great sales funnel tool can help. Having an automated platform that has the artificial intelligence to communicate like a person than a computer can streamline communication. Let’s go through the sales funnel stages to understand the worth of a great tool.

  • The initial contact. Once a member of the sales team has identified a potential contact, they collect contact information. The sales qualified lead is contacted through repeated attempts by the tool up to eight times by phone, text, and email.
  • Create and keep appointments. Through the tool, appointments are set up and rescheduled as needed. Members of the sales team are then utilized for these appointments, keeping the valuable personal contact a priority. Communication is vastly improved with having the tool handle and track the information.
  • Repeat contact. Not all leads convert to a sale after the initial contact. Sometimes leads stall and get put into a file to be followed up at some future unknown point. With the right sales lead funnel tool, these leads are given a second chance. Contact is reestablished through the multiple attempts model and your company is notified when a stalled potential converts over to an actively interested contact. There is even the possibility to reward contact.
  • Building a relationship. Through this process, a relationship is established. As the trust builds, the potential for a sale and continued business continues.

For many industries, this is a glimpse of what an ideal, basic sales lead funnel can do with an effective tool.

Freeing Up Your Teams

Once a sales funnel is established, your company can see overall improvement in sales and levels of communication. With a sales tool taking over much of the menial tasks, they are free to focus on taking those contacts from the tool to the finish line and making the sale. This will decrease the number of salespeople you need to hire and pay. Closing deals is more about connection than anything. Potential customers who feel valued tend to respond more positively.

Instead of working harder, work smarter with the contacts you already have. This will free up valuable time and resources for employees to either work on bringing in new prospects or managing the relationships already established. Your business can be more profitable with the right tools.

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