How to Improve ROI by Reviving Leads

How to Improve ROI by Reviving Leads

One of the hardest part of sales is turning leads into a sale. During times of getting a new client or selling a product, there are costs of time and money that go into each one. To get a return on investment (ROI), there needs to be a higher amount of conversions than dead-end leads. If your company is suffering from a backlog of leads that have stalled, it often takes less time and money to revive them than to get all new leads started in your sales funnel.

The Process of Reviving Leads

Reviving leads can be a tedious process. If a lead stalls, after a certain point, a company must put them into a file, alternate list, or other location to make room for more active leads. When there is a new salesperson or business slows down, someone is assigned the task of going through notes taken on these stalled leads. Many leads stall for small reasons from a lead being too busy to meet or they push off a meeting until the next quarter for budgeting purposes. Here are some typical steps taken to revive these types of leads:

  • Salesperson calls and leaves a message, usually requiring multiple attempts before contact is made
  • Salesperson sends an email or text, again requiring multiple attempts before a response
  • Salesperson stops by the office of the lead, depending on the case
  • The lead becomes active again
  • Tries to schedule an appointment to again go over information and answer questions
  • Appointment is cancelled and rescheduled, possibly a few times
  • More communication between the sales team and the lead

These steps can vary from one lead to the next. The entire cycle can feel repetitive and unproductive until the deal is done. Many precious hours are used in the process, taking sales team members away from generating new leads.

How Aktify Can Help

Using Aktify software to do a lot of the menial tasks is a great way to make more money, faster. Anyone can reach out or spam a stalled lead though, so how does Aktify make a difference?

When you use Aktify, we help learn why the leads stalled in the first place. This helps give more insight into the sales funnel process and where each contact is within it. Having this critical information helps to find and target the best qualified leads and revive them back into the sales funnel toward completion with some software solutions.

Our software utilizes several simple processes, including a feature where our bots can keep the communication going in a chat form that acts like a human. The bot can make progress with the client while you oversee the results. If the lead contact needs to reschedule an appointment, the bot can handle it for you.

Improving ROI

The better your ROI is on leads, the more profitable your company becomes. When you revive leads, it is less expensive in many cases than the process of finding new prospects. This is because you have already put in time to educate on your products or services, so you can skip a lot of the preliminary steps.

Your ROI is also improved when you utilize our smart software. With the automation and human-like ability to handle menial conversation tasks, the sales team is expanded without hiring new salespeople. The team is free to go out to find new leads and bring in more business while the smaller tasks are handled by the software.

If you are ready to give Aktify a try, contact our team today. We are happy to talk more about how our unique software can help your stalled leads become a benefit to your company.

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