Importance of Content in Marketing

Importance of Content in Marketing

Your company is about to embark on a new marketing strategy to get more visibility and sales from the website. It can be tempting to dabble and experiment with colors, fonts, images and graphics. After all, it is colors and interesting images and graphics that catch people’s attention, right? People aren’t going to want to read a bunch of content.

Content, however, plays a big part in a successful marketing strategy. Here are some ways content can help your company get more marketing qualified leads and make your marketing strategy meet its sales goals:

Why Content is King

The phrase ‘content is king’ isn’t anything new in digital marketing. For years, marketers have emphasized the importance of high-quality online content. Why?

Content Enhances the Look of Your Website

You may think that all the high-quality images, complimentary color scheme and impressive graphics and animations are what it takes to make your site look professional and impressive. However, what was the impression you got when you visited a website that was image and graphic heavy with only a few short lines of text? You probably felt confused and disappointed. You may even doubt the brand’s credibility and authority in their market because anyone can throw a few vague sentences on a topic on a website.

There is also the obvious, awkward “empty” spaces on a website if not an enough, substantial content is present.

If you want people to see your brand as legitimate and professional, you’ll need substantial, high-quality content.

Content Gives People the Information They’re Looking For

Why do people type in search queries into Google? To find information and answers to their questions. Additionally, consumers want the exact information they’re needing immediately. They won’t go spend the time bouncing from one website to another. That’s what search engines are for.

Your website visitors are in a hurry, and likely, on the go doing a quick search on their smartphone. If they stumble upon your website and see the sparse, low-quality, vague or even missing content, you can be sure they’ll go to one of your competitors websites in the blink of an eye.

If you give people the information they’re looking for, they will stay on your website and will be more likely to convert into a customer or subscriber.  They will more quickly label you as a trusted expert and will likely return to your website when they have further questions on that particular topic.

Content Improves Search Results Rankings

Besides looking more trustworthy and professional to consumers, websites with a lot of high-quality content also appease search engines. These search engines (aka Google) have algorithms that determine the ranking, or order in which websites appear in search results. Those towards the top of the results are the ones consumers will more likely visit as, once again, they are in a hurry and want what they’re looking for ASAP. Why would they waste time scrolling down to check out websites further down the rankings when those at the top are deemed most likely to have the information they’re looking for?

You can’t expect your website to rank high on these search result listings if you don’t have quality content. In fact, content is a significant ranking factor in the search engine’s ranking algorithm.

When it comes to marketing and sales, content helps your website get in front of the eyes of your targeted audiences. This is done through keyword research and interspersing those keywords throughout the content. If you don’t have content, or enough content, you don’t have anywhere to place those keywords.

However, it is important to not only focus on writing for search engines. Over-stuffing the content with keywords and having sparse, low-quality content can cause your site to get penalized which hurts your search results rankings.

Use keywords sparingly and write high-quality content that users will find useful, valuable and credible. As Google continues to improve the search experience, the quality of a page’s content is becoming an increasingly stronger algorithm ranking signal.

With great, quality content, you improve your website’s chances of getting ranked higher in search results, which mean more eyes on your website and greater online visibility for your brand. This in turn, produces more marketing qualified leads which can turn into sales.

Good Content is Shared

A website with good content will not only have search engines helping to boost their online visibility. That same great content will also more likely be shared by others on social media, blogs and forums. Content that establishes your brand’s authority on a subject can get the attention of bloggers and influencers who may reference and link to your website or blog. Additionally, people who find your content and enjoy it will more likely share it on social media, whereby increasing your webpage’s and blog’s online visibility even more.

Without content, you won’t pique people’s interest and compel them to share and get the word out about your brand, products and services.

Content is important in marketing because it ultimately results in more customers, brand ambassadors and sales. It gets your brand out there online and is what will truly separate your website and brand from all the many others out there.

At Aktify, we can help your marketing strategy get more marketing qualified leads as well as help your prospects move through the email marketing funnel  by reviving your dead leads. There are multiple ways we do this such as through text messaging and giveaways. Contact us today to learn how our service can work in conjunction with your content marketing strategy to help you get more sales.

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