Lexie Lund: The Art of Selling Conversational AI

Lexie Lund: The Art of Selling Conversational AI

In honor of Women’s History Month, we are highlighting the women of Aktify. Their contributions are creating the world’s most advanced conversational AI.

Software sales might seem like a cut-and-dried numbers game. But for Lexie Lund, Aktify business development rep, sales is anything but basic.

“Sales equals highs, lows, hidden treasure, and wild cards,” she says.

Being in sales is being in a pressure cooker.”

Lund is up to the task. She thrives under pressure.

“The constant challenge is a powerful driver of my creativity and dynamic learning,” she says. “Every day in sales, my goal is to have meaningful conversations and add value for people. It’s a pretty cool job when you think about it like that.”

According to Lund, a sales gig can be fun. However, it’s the product that largely determines how enjoyable the role is.

“Aktify is an innovative, relevant, and flexible solution,” says Lund. “To be blunt, our AI is just plain sexy. Everything about Aktify—from the simplicity of implementation to our perfectly aligned performance-based pricing—makes us a no-brainer in the eyes of our customers.”

Product quality is only one aspect of sales enjoyment. For Lund, another significant factor is the people building and selling it.

“Aktify’s team is made up of some seriously brilliant, funny, and kind-hearted people who I look forward to seeing every day,” Lund says.

Lund doesn’t just help Aktify on the sales front. There’s a bit of her helpful, friendly approach to sales conversations within the company’s conversational AI.

“I’m a believer that new technology creates more opportunities for humans. Not less,” she says.

Lund looks forward to playing a role in the future of AI. She hopes to uncover practical, real-world applications for the technology.

“Aktify has already proven that AI can effortlessly solve small problems, on a large scale,” says Lund. “Our clients already see that positive impact, and we’re still just getting started.”

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