Savannah Morgan: Improving Sales Calls, One Conversation at a Time

Savannah Morgan: Improving Sales Calls, One Conversation at a Time

In honor of Women’s History Month, we are highlighting the women of Aktify. Their contributions are creating the world’s most advanced conversational AI.


Change doesn’t happen overnight. But change accelerates when there’s a mountain of evidence supporting its cause.

Savannah Morgan, Aktify QA specialist, is building her mountain, one phone call at a time. At Aktify, she listens to recorded phone sales conversations and identifies issues. Then, she delivers recommendations on how to make improvements.

“I find that QA has a natural problem-solving aspect that requires patience and a passion for improvement embedded into its routine”

Savannah Morgan

Morgan has consistently recognized the importance of gathering data to improve quality. When she received her first coaching evaluation, she knew it was there to help her. The score and comments outlined areas for improvement.

Gathering relevant data is a tedious process. But for Morgan, it’s an essential step in effecting change. She’s interested in improving methods for both individuals and companies as a whole.

“I use QA to enhance existing processes and create new processes,” says Morgan. “Sometimes gathering data to make changes or to find patterns may take time, but the end payoff is always worth it,” she says.

Her investigative work has improved the outlook for many companies. Her findings and recommendations have a direct, positive impact on revenue.

“I hope to be able to use my QA skills to better the experience of using this great technology for the users, the clients, and our own team.”

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