Tanya Ludwig: Rushing in When Others Flee

Tanya Ludwig: Rushing in When Others Flee

In honor of Women’s History Month, we are highlighting the women of Aktify. Their contributions are creating the world’s most advanced conversational AI.

Tanya Ludwig, Aktify Director of HR and Talent Acquisition, describes herself as a girl-nerd and hobbyist software developer. She’s also a self-proclaimed adrenaline junkie and has the battle scars from past surgeries and broken bones to prove it.

“I love to go fast,” she says.

Ludwig doesn’t stop when most people would hesitate. Early in her career, she worked as a police officer, firefighter, and EMT. She rushed in to give aid even as others fled.

I was always meant to help others.”

Though she no longer works in law enforcement, Ludwig has still found a way to help others. She asserts her background matches her quintessentially for her role at Aktify.

“Aktify empowers me to do that which I love: supporting employee’s growth and development, organizational design, serving as an executive coach, and fine-tuning management skills with analysis and feedback,” says Ludwig.

She is recruiting top talent, ensuring the best benefits available, and refining a culture from the ground up. Her mission is to create “an environment in which “Aktifiers can thrive amid rapid growth and change.” And she believes “Aktifiers” are among the most talented in the world.

“The people of Aktify are building the world’s most advanced conversational AI,” she says. “It is a privilege and honor to be responsible for hiring people and building its culture.”

Looking forward, Ludwig hopes to diverge from traditional HR confines. And she revels in the hunt for software engineers, data wranglers, and NLP experts. Her passion for technology and dedication to excellence fuels it all.

“I want Aktifiers to feel empowered to become the best versions of themselves,” she says. “Together, we will master productive conversations at scale. It is not rocket science. It is DATA SCIENCE!”

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