Text Marketing vs. Email Marketing: Who Will Win?

Text Marketing vs. Email Marketing: Who Will Win?

Thanks to technology, consumers and businesses alike are moving at an increasingly faster pace. People can’t stay focused on more than one thing for long and constantly demand quicker ways to get what they want without having to put in more work.

This puts a unique challenge on sales and marketing teams. Everyone wants to get the most ROI out of their marketing campaigns and sales pushes, but no one can agree on what works the best.

The simple fact is that there isn’t a cookie cutter way of doing it. The approach you took last month may utterly fail this month.

As such, you’ll need to start identifying a broad swath of strategies that tend to work well overall with your both your lead funnel and your sales funnel. Two of those strategies include text marketing and email marketing.

Let’s take a look at the differences between these two and determine which one will be best for your business.


The Pros and Cons of Text Marketing


Text messages have dominated in a world of mobile phones. Most people will open every text message they get, which is a stark contrast to email’s spam folders and filters.

Moving leads through the sales funnel stages with SMS can do a lot of good. Some of the pros of this approach include:

  • Low cost
  • Engagement and conversion is easy to manage and monitor through text message automation
  • Highly interactive with immediate results
  • More reliable
  • Greater reach

But SMS marketing in business isn’t without its limits. Some of the cons include:

  • Character limitations
  • No audio or visuals
  • New approach requires more planning and creativity from the ground up


The Pros and Cons of Email Marketing


Email in business has been around for as long as anyone can remember at this point. It’s one of the more traditional ways of reaching customers, and for good reason. Email offers a great way to up customer engagement and conversion.

The benefits of email marketing include:

  • More customizable for already-engaged customers
  • Easy to get started
  • Long history of successful strategies to build upon
  • Easy sharing capabilities
  • Global reach
  • High ROI

Some of the cons of email marketing include:

  • Lots of competition
  • Not everyone checks their inbox
  • Different formats (phone, laptop, tablet)


Working Together for the Greater Good


Now that we’ve talked about the pros and cons of each approach, you might be noticing some trends. For the most part, each of the cons can be addressed using the other method’s pros. This tells you something interesting.

In the end, it’s not a question of text vs. email. It’s a matter of text and email working together to maximize your ROI. Where text message automation may better help your lead become a sales qualified lead, emails might be better for moving your prospective clients through the sales funnel stages.

Try and find a way to make email and text messages work together for the greater good of both your sales funnel management and lead funnel management.

How Aktify Changes the Game


Here at Aktify, we recognize that the best solution to your marketing and sales needs doesn’t lie in a single approach. Aktify Revive uses phone calls, text messages and emails to contact your leads and prevent them from stalling.

And when some of your leads inevitably do stall, Aktify automates your outreach process through the same methods to get them back.

Contact us today to request a demo so we can show you just how effective Revive can be for your sales and lead funnels.

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