Top 7 Lead Conversion Tips For Better ROI

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Top 7 Lead Conversion Tips For Better ROI

Lead generation can come with a hefty price tag. Are you sure you’re getting solid returns on investment (ROI)?
It’s not enough to set up robust lead gen infrastructure and processes. You have to nurture your leads and lead them through their customer journeys within your sales funnel — straight into conversion. Your process probably already has a lot of different moving parts, which you can likely use better in terms of lead conversion.
But what is lead conversion, exactly, and how can it help you optimize your ROI? Below, we discuss lead conversion and some tips to follow to get that solid ROI you’re looking for.

1. Optimize and Update Your Website

If your website is just a glorified digital brochure, there’s a lot of wasted potential there that’s not translating to ROI. Make sure your website is updated — especially the contact information — and optimized. Yes, that does mean using on-page search engine optimization (SEO).
Your website is essentially an all-in-one landing page. With a few rules of thumb, you can make sure it does its fundamental job properly:

  • Provide timely, accurate information: Do this when your target audiences need it. Your website is, indeed, part digital brochure — and because it is, it should provide all the necessary and updated details you want your target audiences to see.
  • Offer useful product- or service-related information: This should build your brand. Even if you’re just giving free information to people who aren’t set on buying from you yet, you’re consistently establishing your authority and branding.
  • Make good use of audio-visual content: Creating content for your website doesn’t need to be a full-blown effort from the start. However, don’t discount the impact of simple infographics, charts, graphs, and a quick video explainer or two.
  • Prominently feature promos and discounts: Leverage your digital presence to create urgency. This can make leads jump a few steps further into your sales funnel than they otherwise would have.

2. Leverage Content and User Content

Many decision-makers for organizations understand that it’s important to get their content out there, but they don’t know why or how to measure performance. It’s not their fault, though. Content marketing, especially inbound, can become rather complicated.
One thing that’s easy to understand, however, is that you can leverage your existing content to nudge your leads ever closer to conversion. What’s more, you can use pieces of content you didn’t even create to do the same. From a high-level perspective, you can do the following:

  • Internally link blog content: This makes sure that topics meant for leads farther out from conversion — e.g. the need recognition stage — are linked to further reading that is either on the same level or further in — e.g. the information research stage.
  • Add proactive calls to action: Do this when linking to content further down your sales funnel, but use appropriate approaches. Slinging promotions and discounts on a blog post meant for leads that aren’t marketing-qualified may backfire at worst or will be completely ineffective at least.
  • Never link away from your funnel: Only link to content that’s meant for the same stage of the buyer journey or something further down the funnel.
  • Leverage user-generated content: This type of content includes the reviews and testimonials you get! That’s free content you didn’t even write, and when used appropriately, social proof like testimonials can seal the deal for leads.

3. Use Landing Pages To Capture Targeted Leads

There’s only so much you can do with good ol’ fashioned manual labor in the digital age. You’ll inevitably need to use digital tools like landing pages for lead data capture. Landing pages are great if you can use them properly on a tightly defined audience, which means careful consideration of the lead gen pipelines you’re using to funnel audiences to specific landing pages. The people clicking through from a text ad should be served a vastly different landing page and lead capture form from the people clicking on your contact page link.
Still, there are general best practices when it comes to using landing pages to capture targeted leads, such as the following:

  • Use specific landing pages for specific campaigns: It bears repeating that campaign-specific landing pages are invaluable for lead data capture.
  • Use an effective opt-in form: Collect all the necessary information you require without scaring off your leads by making them do too much work. Additionally, be more flexible with input fields as leads may get turned off by strict data field requirements or things like dropdowns that don’t indicate the answer they’re looking for.
  • Use tracking and analytics: Understand where your leads are coming from. If they arrive on a landing page, then you should also track how many leave versus how many enter their details.

4. Nurture Leads Through Email

What’s great about lead nurturing through email is that you can set up an entire system and leave it on autopilot. Of course, remember to always offer something valuable and relevant — otherwise, you’re risking an unsub or worse, getting your emails sent to the spam folder.
Additionally, personalize to the same degree you automate email lead nurturing. Too much of one without the other will yield subpar results, if not the opposite of what you want. Personalization and automation go hand-in-hand in email campaigns, and most platforms can easily set up automated campaigns with a lot of personalization options from demographics to behaviors.

5. Use Marketing Automation

There’s little to be said about marketing automation benefits that you don’t already know. Let’s shift the focus a bit from the why to the how:

  • Set up marketing messaging triggers based on website behavior: There’s no single popup to rule them all. Different actions should elicit different messaging and email nurturing campaigns. For example, leads who are viewing pricing information — whose email you already have — can be sent promotions and demo links, while people downloading content may be interested in additional, relevant material or a follow-up discussion.
  • Call ASAP: For leads who’ve expressed every intention of dealing with you, you must seize the opportunity immediately. Set up marketing automation so you receive such alerts in real-time.
  • Keep an eye on how automation impacts speed to lead: There are loopholes in automation that you may miss and cause stagnation in your speed to lead. Investigate these concerns instead of pulling a knee-jerk reaction like disabling the automation.

6. Use Lead Scoring and Retargeting

In the same way marketing automation can help a ton with lead nurturing, automated lead scoring and retargeting can also improve efficiency and effectiveness.
Appropriate processes and standards of lead scoring will help you prioritize leads and optimize lead distribution. Meanwhile, lead retargeting reignites what would otherwise be a lead completely out of your funnel. Try re-introducing offers or presenting new ones to encourage a response.

7. Consider Follow-ups Over SMS and Conversational AI

If you don’t have enough humans in your sales team to constantly manage lead gen volumes, AI automation can handle the slack. You can generate more conversations through AI-powered tools like Aktify’s. Better yet, conversational AI can help identify lead intent, and even answer questions and perform appropriate follow-ups.
Aktify’s reliable, scalable solutions automatically activate sales prospects and deliver them to your sales reps as phone calls, ready for a more in-depth conversation.

Lead Generation and Nurturing Result in Lead Conversion Tactics for Optimized ROI

Your lead pipeline is only as weak as its least-performing link. Conversion requires effective nurturing, and the lead conversion tips outlined in this article should get you started. Remember to experiment and collaborate with your team to generate new or better ideas for lead nurturing, too.
If you’re keen on getting 10x the ROI via reliable, scalable conversational AI technology that requires no software to install, book a demo with Aktify to learn more about what we offer.

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