How to Start Using Text Messaging in Sales


How to Start Using Text Messaging in Sales

Using text messaging in sales might not immediately cross your mind. SMS marketing is gaining steam since about 48% of customers indicate a preference for text messages rather than emails. Just like these customers, your prospects likely also prefer text communication.
‌Learn how you can jump on the popularity of text messaging to boost your sales process and reach more prospects.

The Benefits of Using Text Messaging in Sales

‌Business text messaging is on the rise, mainly because a majority of businesspeople have smartphones, and text messages make it easy for them to respond. An estimated 95% of text messages are opened, making it more effective than email. Most recipients open and respond to text messages within 3 minutes. You can use texting in sales to send personalized messages to existing leads or to connect clients with a virtual agent.

Text Messages Are More Personal

‌While automated messages and email lists are great ways to reach potential prospects, texting gives your messages a personal touch. Successful sales are driven by relationship building, and text messages give you the chance to nurture relationships. It’s easy to create a text conversation starter you can quickly send to prospects.

You’re More Likely to Reach Your Prospects

‌Since prospects are more likely to open and respond to a text message, you can achieve a higher response rate from potential prospects. Traditional sales techniques including phone calls and emails have lower open rates. Text messages are a more visible option, and you can connect with prospects quickly following an in-person interaction.

You Can Easily Integrate SMS into Your Existing Sales Funnels

‌Your website is a primary lead generation tool, and you can integrate features into your site that generate SMS leads. Adding a click-to-text button on your website makes it easy for prospects to contact you through text messages. Once they are signed up, you can add them to your database for SMS promotions, chats, and follow-up.
‌If you have a branded 5-digit short code, add a call to action at the bottom of your business card so new contacts can sign up to receive your texts. 

Compliance Tips

‌Like cold calls, text messaging in sales is regulated. Make sure you’re in compliance by automating consent to allow prospects to opt-in to text messages. Keep your texts on message. When someone joins your text messaging list, you can only send them content that relates to what they signed up for. Use templates so reps can easily adhere to content rules and avoid being flagged as spam.
Track consent forms and marketing between your business and potential prospects. Keep detailed records in case you need them later. Lastly, honor opt-outs and unsubscribes. As soon as someone indicates that they don’t want to be on your list, promptly remove them. Make it easy for people to opt out.

How to Adjust Your Messaging

‌Text messages are more effective when they’re personal, but you can still automate templates for your sales reps. SMS and sales work together to build a relationship with your customers. Sales text messages should be short and personal.
Have your marketing team develop SMS messages that provide value to your subscribers. Use these messages to reach out for feedback or address customer pain points. These messages should also include a clear call to action that shows users their next steps.
When you are using texting in sales, be sure that each rep personally responds to any prospect that replies to your messages. You can use them to start the sales process, creating templates personally inviting a prospect to contact your sales team. Send them shortly after you’ve made a sale to make sure everything is going smoothly for your clients.
Your marketing team can develop customizable templates that let your sales reps contact prospects quickly.

‌Best Practices

‌‌1. Make Sure Prospects Have Opted In

‌Always get permission from a prospect before sending them text messages. Local and national regulations are designed to protect a consumer from receiving unwanted sales messages. Capture opt-ins and keep a record on file in case you need it later.

2. Provide Value

‌Your customers signed up for text messages for a reason. Your messages should provide them value. Highlight the benefits of signing up for your text messages like real-time access to their account manager and faster responses to inquiries.

‌‌3. Respond Quickly

‌Even if your SMS messages are automated, someone should monitor your messaging platform and reply promptly to each message. Listen to the question and give a detailed answer. If you can’t respond right away, send a quick message letting your client know you got their message and will respond when you can.

4. Use Texts Sparingly

‌Don’t inundate your prospect list with text messages. Check with your carrier to determine messaging limits, or you might end up being blocked or blacklisted. Your prospects don’t want to hear from you 60 times in a week. Keep these messages to a minimum.

‌‌5. Send Messages During Business Hours

‌If you’re automating your text messages, be sure to set them during business hours. If you end up contacting a prospect early in the morning or in the middle of the night, they may be inspired to take their business elsewhere.

6. Keep it Casual

‌Successful text messages read more like a conversation than an automated message. Be casual, yet professional to build a relationship and generate more responses. If your prospect needs more detail, encourage them to call you or set up a meeting.

Aktify Can Help You Connect With Your Prospects

‌You can use text messaging in sales to build a relationship with prospects and improve your chances of converting prospects into customers. Aktify uses advanced AI to help have these conversations at scale. You can use our tools to automate conversations through text messages and empower your customers with everything they need to be ready to sign.
If you’re interested in boosting your sales with conversational ai messages, contact us today for a demo.

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