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Prospect Activation

How to Use Artificial Intelligence to Boost Sales and Marketing Revenue

Increase qualified lead volume. Improve sales follow-up activities. Enhance sales and marketing output.

For some companies, deploying a full-time team of SDRs doesn’t make sense. Sales cycles are shorter and products or services aren’t as complex. So who is in charge of identifying, connecting with, and qualifying leads? Sales 
or marketing?

In a perfect world, neither department is responsible. Marketing already serves many functions. They conduct buyer persona research, refine the brand, create content, and launch campaigns. And sales should focus on what they do best: closing fresh, qualified prospects. Successful companies recognize the need for a third area:  prospect activation.

Modern businesses use prospect activation methods, coupled with artificial intelligence, to boost qualified leads and conversions. It helps marketing and sales team increase their output with the processes they already have in place.

Inside this ebook you’ll learn:

  • Reasons why qualified leads don’t convert into sales
  • Prospect activation concepts to aid sales and marketing teams
  • How artificial intelligence automates and energizes sales and marketing functions
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